Vehicle Inspection

Vehicle Inspection | Discount Inspection and Brakes Hub

Your car releases emissions that affect air quality every time you go for a drive. Do your part to maintain our planet's atmosphere through regular inspections of the emissions coming from your vehicle's exhaust.

Sure – inspections are required, but we are able to perform these tests at your convenience.

When you're due for your next inspection, stop on by and let our ASE certified mechanics take care of you in a jiffy!

Do your part to protect our planet through regular emissions inspections:

  • State emissions inspections
  • Advanced diagnostic equipment
  • Computerized engine diagnosis
  • Emission service
  • Engine tune-ups
  • Exhaust systems repaired

You won't be surprised by our bill – we proudly offer FREE estimates on emissions inspections!

Stop by Discount Inspection & Brakes today to see how we can put you on the path towards proper vehicle maintenance!